The One Hour Challenge for Modern and Classic Sports, Saloon and GT cars was born in the Spa Paddock in 2010.  After entering a race during the Spa 6 hour weekend we were hooked on the place and had to come back.  Looking at the availability of races it soon became apparent that there were many UK racers whose cars didn’t fit into the limited opportunitiues available.

We then looked at what was needed as a race and,  after lots of discussions with prospective racers, it was decided that 30 minutes of qualifying and a 1 hour race was going to be the target. This gives plenty of track time and it also allows the car to be shared by two drivers, making it possible to split the cost of the entry. With that in mind the overall cost isn’t much more than a weekends racing in the UK.

With an idea of what was needed we then approached the circuit to see what was possilbe and then the Race and Rally Organisation about running the meeting for us.  The Race and Rally Organisation run 5 major events every year at Spa.  After some negotiation and a few meetings a deal was struck to put us on the billing for the last major event of the year which is the Racing Festival in October. This really is a fantastic opportunity to race on this circuit.

The 2011 race took place in what can only be described as perfect weather, with hardly a cloud in the sky from the Thursday we arrived till the sunday night. A mixed grid with everything from a radical to a frogeye with Lotus,tvr and Ferrari in between. This mix of cars provided some great racing throughout the field. The RAC Spa also complemented our drivers on their excellent driving standards.


With a break in 2012 we look forward to heading back to spa in 2013.

With over 10 years of competing, winning,  running series and working with some of the best GT teams in the country and over 30 years of running one of the UK’s best visitor attractions,  our team  have the experience and the knowledge to provide what will be an unforgetable experience at one of the worlds greatest circuit.

I can’t wait to see you all there.

Graham  Walden

If you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.