The cars

The race came about due to  the limited number of opportunities to race my own car at Spa. With  this in mind the entry is open to a wide range of cars. The core of the entry is Sports, Saloon and GT cars from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s although the earliest car we have is a  modified 1959 Austin Healey and the Latest a TVR T350.

The aim is to provide an exciting race for as many and as varied cars as we can. This should throw up some exciting and unexpected  battles along the twisting, diving and climbing  tarmac that is Spa Francorchamps.

The spectacle  of 60 varied cars at Spa should be fantastic.  The width and length of the circuit allows us to safely mix differenet types of cars.  If you are unsure if your car can enter, please ask. If there is space the answer will probably be yes.

All cars must comply with current MSA safety requirements, and preferably been scrutineered in the UK within the current season, to ensure that there is nothing that will cause a problem during scrutineering at Spa.

There are no tyre restrictions, so you can either use what you would normally race on, or try something more exotic if you prefer.

Some examples of the cars that would be eligible are shown below. These are just a few examples, if your car is not shown it is probably still welcome.

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