To race at Spa each driver will need a UK MSA Race National A licence, together with current safety equipment and a suitable car.

We have deliberately allowed a very varied range of car;  Classic or Modern any Sports, Saloon or GT car from a Locost to a Jaguar.  The aim is to give people the opportunity to bring cars that don’t easily fit into the limited UK races that are available.  This will also produce some epic battles, mixing cars that you wouldn’t necessarily see racing together normally. The size and layout of Spa allows us to mix a variety of cars.

All cars must comply with current MSA safety requirements, and preferably been scrutineered in the UK within the current season, to ensure that there is nothing that will cause a problem during scrutineering at Spa.

All Drivers will need full and current regulation fire proof clothing including underwear, race suit, boots, gloves and balaclava.

There are no tyre restrictions, so you can either use what you would normally race on, or try something more exotic if you prefer.

If you are unsure if your car is eligible  just ask, if there is space on the grid the answer is probably yes.