What They Say

We asked Mark Hales respected Racer, Coach  and Motoring Journalist about his opinion of Spa and straight away he said “If I could only do one race a year it would be Spa”. “It’s the hills that do it. Just think, if Eau Rouge and Raidillon were on the flat, nobody would ever talk about them…. Pouhon is my favourite though. Downhill and double apex but on a scale you can’t find anywhere else”.

Andrew Frankel (Autocar/Motorsport) is also a fan     “Spa is not (quite) the fastest circuit out there, nor is it the trickiest. It has to be content with being merely the best. It’s the only place I race regularly where your finishing position almost doesn’t matter. The joy of being out there amid all that history, flicking through those epic corners is a win in itself”.