MSA Scrutineer

To make Life for our competitors a little easier and less daunting, we’ve arranged for a UK MSA Chief Scrutineer to oversee the scrutineering of all the cars entering the race.

Chris Mount will be at Spa for the weekend and will Head up the Scrutineering team for the weekend. Chris is well known in the Uk, and Im sure many of you will have had your car checked by him in the past.

If you have any queries about scrutineering, drop us a line here in the first case and we’ll pass it on to Chris if it needs further explanatation.


If your car has passed scrutineering in the UK there should be no problem. The one thing to look out for though is the European requirment for fireproof underwear, Gloves and Boots. Whilst most people have these anyway and I beleive they are a requirement in the uk from next year, for Spa you will need current Underwear etc.


We also expect to have a UK MSA Clerk of the Course with us in overall control of the race.