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  • Getting Across The Channel

    Getting Across The Channel

    The Suggested route is Dover – Dunkirk on Norfolk lines. This has the advantage of a smaller port with less congestion and 30 miles closer to Spa.   Aztek International Can arrange freight rates on this and all other routes. These rates are more flexible as they do not limit you to a specific time,…

  • Refueling


    For cars that need to refuel during the race and are not equiped with a Dry Break Refueling system, We have agreed with thr RAC-Spa and their fire department the following two methods for refueling.   1) Sunoco Tuff Jugs, these have a valve that operns when the nosel is inserted in the cars filler…

  •  have an article about the race. Read it here   There are still places on the grid available so If your tempted drop us a line.

  • Provisional Schedule

    Provisional Schedule

    Whilst the timetable hasn’t been finalised and is still subject to changes and alterations, we have been advised that  Our Qualifying session will be around 11am on the Saturday 1st October and the race will be around 9.30 – 10am on the sunday 2nd October. That schedule gives plenty of time to sort any qualifying…

  • MSA Scrutineer

    MSA Scrutineer

    To make Life for our competitors a little easier and less daunting, we’ve arranged for a UK MSA Chief Scrutineer to oversee the scrutineering of all the cars entering the race. Chris Mount will be at Spa for the weekend and will Head up the Scrutineering team for the weekend. Chris is well known in…

  • A Flying Lap of Spa-Franchorchamps

    A Flying Lap of Spa-Franchorchamps

    Whilst a Van Diemen Formula Ireland is one of the few cars that can’t enter the Sport, Saloon and GT one Hour Challenge race at Spa in October, (due to being an open wheel car) we thought Andy’s description of a flying lap described nicely what Spa Francorchamps is like so we’ve included it here…

  • Spa-Francorchamps Weather

    Spa-Francorchamps Weather

    A few people have asked what the weather is like at Spa in the Autum, as many have seen the rain at the formula one races. Whilst its certainly true that the weather at Spa can be Challenging, the autum can have great weather. The Ardennes is typically dryer in the autumn than in the…

  • Race Retro Show

    Race Retro Show

    If you would like to meet us to discuss entering the race at Spa Francorchamps, then we will be a the Race Retro show from Friday 25th Feb to Sunday 27th Feb. We will be in Hall 3 on stand N106 which we are sharing with the MG Midget Challenge. Please Dont hesitate to say…

  • Welcome



    One visit to race at Spa Francorchamps was enough to convince me I needed to come back. There is something very special about this circuit and I’m hooked. So much in fact that, with the limited opportunities to race there, I decided the best way to get the race I wanted was to organise it…