Getting Across The Channel

The Suggested route is Dover – Dunkirk on Norfolk lines. This has the advantage of a smaller port with less congestion and 30 miles closer to Spa.


Aztek International Can arrange freight rates on this and all other routes. These rates are more flexible as they do not limit you to a specific time, so if you are early or late you simply go on the next crossing for no extra charge. Usually these rates work out better than the normal ferry rates. However we recommend contacting the fery companies as well, as sometimes there are special retail deals.

For those with Trucks, you can sometimes get them on as motorhomes, but there is always the risk of a surcharge at the ferry port. Our 7.5ton truck was allowed on sea france as a motorhome last year, although it does have windows and living accomodation.


Aztek International can be contacted on  01274 303280 or 07736 61478 24 hours a day 7 days a week to book or amend a crossing. They are also experienced motorsport shipers and handlers dealing with club series and F1.